MolCraft - Chemistry in Minecraft

MolCraft - Chemistry in Minecraft

Take a look at our MolCraft project. We took a group of Undergraduate students in Chemistry and invited them to evidence their knowledge of proteins and amino acids as part of their coursework.
Wharrem Percy

Wharrem Percy

Our Archaeology department is working with the TEL team at the University to engage 1st year undergraduates with the Deserted Medieval Village of Wharrrem Percy.
History Makers
The project that started HullCraft. Using archival documents from the Hull History Centre to engage new audiences with the work of Francis Johnson and also raising the possibilities of using GBL in Higher Education.

UoH-logo-black-75mmWelcome to the HullCraft Relaunch!

We have done so much under the name of HullCraft since we started, we thought it was time to bring our ideas and projects together under one vision… Minecraft at the University of Hull.

HullCraft is a Minecraft in Higher Education project at the University of Hull.

Our new University of Hull server will be the link to all of your favourite Minecraft worlds from our team. HullCraft will be the Home of all things Minecraft and Higher Education for Hull.

New Teams

We are excited to be bringing on new teams of builders, developers and educators from around the country to our projects. We will be bringing a wealth of expertise to your door and will be working with many different partners in our region to help them develop their Minecraft experiences.