We don’t just sit around resting and eating Zombie-flesh crisps you know… NO! We have been busy adding bits and pieces to the server so that it makes it an even BETTER game.

Our April update includes the following changes to the server. As always, we welcome your feedback

  • Server IP address is now: hullcraft.nitrous.it
    We made it easier to remember so you can tell more people about it.
  • Flying has been locked down in the following worlds. Spawn, HullCraft, Resources.
    This should make it a more authentic Minecraft experience for  players. Of course you need to fly in PlotWorld as it is creative and you need to be able to build high structures…
  • We added floating holograms of text and images around the place.
    This should help you find your way about a bit more easily. We are looking at getting them triggered by redstone in future so that they only appear occasionally and not all the time. Again, tell us how they are working for you.
  • Started to look at skills in the game with the McMMO plugin. Hopefully this will give you some rewards for working in the Resources world. You can get skills in crafting, mining, building and loads of other things. Check out the McMMO skills page for more info.
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