After lots of testing and configuring, we have decided to downgrade the server back down to 1.7.10 for the near future. There are lots of reasons for the downgrade. We wanted to make sure that we kept our server as compatible as possible for starters. We found that once we upgraded to 1.8, people with 1.7.x clients couldn’t join the server. We also found out that once we upgraded to 1.8 we stopped people who might use minecraftEDU, the educational version of Minecraft from connecting to the server.

As this server is goign to be used for so many more things in future, we will wait until MinecraftEDU has been upgraded to 1.8 before doing a full server upgrade.

The good news is that we know how to do the upgrade now, we just need to make sure we don’t stop people joining…

So, for now, please go back to 1.7.10 and enjoy a more stable server.

If you see things that aren’t quite right do tell us and we will do our best to put them right.




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