HullCraft Community Build

The HullCraft Community were visited by the Stephen Reid (@immersivemind) and his ImmersiveCommunity who helped create an amazing level 3 build from the HullCraft website.

A team of 6 Minecraft builders from the team took part in the build which was live-streamed on Beam. It took them just over 6 hours to build the church ‘3-1 St Christopher Holmewood Church, Bradford’. This was a very complex build as the building needed to be historically accurate and was not a simple shape like more modern buildings.

The team did a fantastic job of decorating the interior and creating the atmosphere of the church building, from pews to the pulpit. And we have even set you guys a challenge; can you find the hidden creeperface in the build?

For a more detailed post on this build check out the iLearningUK blog page.


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