At the Launch of Minecon 2015!

At the Launch of Minecon 2015!

On July 4th and 5th, the Excel Centre in London hosted the 2015 World-wide Minecraft conference MINECON! And HullCraft had Lead Project Zombie there to see what was going down.

HullCraft Lead, Joel Mills, (@iLearningUK) travelled down as part of a team of Minecraft builders, Educators and YouTubers called the #ImmersiveCommunity. Together they played, explored, discussed and generally were AMAZED at what Minecraft had become.

This was the first Minecon since 2013 and also the first one since Microsoft bought Mojang, the makers of Minecraft for $2.4 Billion back in November 2014. This was always going to be a very special event.

We were introduced to Minecon 2015 in London, by way of a fresh new trailer from the cracking team at Element Animation.

Those guys certainly know how to make a cracking Minecraft Movie!

Minecon was attended by over 10,000 people, making it an official Guinness World Record-breaking event! And HullCraft were there to witness it! Despite such big crowds, there was plenty to see thanks in part to the SUPERSIZED screens in the main presentation arena.

A mInecraft tree IRL!

A minecraft tree IRL!

After the initial launch, it was off to the exhibition hall to talk about servers, hosting, education and many many other projects and uses for Minecraft. The attention to detail in this hall was amazing. It was just like walking in to the game itself!

There were trees, villagers, Iron Golems, Steves and all sorts of other wonderful Minecraft-based models. The exhibition hall was huge and there were loads of different activities to do.

@iLearningUK meets a villager

Lead zombie Joel meets a villager

There were panel stands where the likes of Wizard Keen and Stampy were presenting on their project Wonder Quest. Panel discussions ranged from Educational panels to ‘Girls In Gaming’ to Speed Building competitions between AshDubh and iBallisticSquid. There was so much to see.

Joel needed to see the guys at the Sponge server stand to discuss the next range of servers that are set to replace the no longer supported Bukkit server. Watch this space as Sponge is coming soon we hear!



The baby animals are even more cute IRL

There was lots to see, from a collection of original Minecraft memorabilia in the Minecraft Museum through to life-sized animals from the worlds we all like to explore!

@iLearningUK meets @EduElfie and "Frank"

@iLearningUK meets @EduElfie and “Frank”

We also needed to hear more about what Microsoft were doing with their education stand so Joel headed over there and met up with Stephen Elford (@EduElfie) who is one of the leading educators in the world using MinecraftEDU.

The HullCraft reputation has spread as far as Australia and EduElfie was aware of just what great work was going down in Hull thanks to all your amazing builds!


Spot your HullCraft Head Zombie in the hat on the right of this photo…

Shane Asselstine (@HikariKishi) another leading educator and publisher on Minecraft in Education was also there and Joel got a chance on the Sunday to teach alongside both of these guys in the Minecraft Educational Workshops as part of Stephen Reid’s (@immersivemind) ImmersiveCommunity Team.


So Minecon was amazing… You knew that anyway, right? So if you were there, and you are a HullCrafter, tell us your story! We would love to hear all about your Minecon best bits. Drop us an email, or add your comment.


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